“TRAINING SESSION” Coach Paolo De Ascentiis. www.pdagolf.it


NOT with children that is “MUCH MORE EASY”, for reasons that I believe should not speak Today.

I allow myself to say and inform, for those who do not know, that I was and I gave the “resignation as a PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUTH ACTIVITY” in 2005! (Adults are not like the children I mentioned earlier ,who are FRESH AND MALLEABLE !! AND NOT AS WE ADULTS ,INFLUENCED BY “OUR CONDITIONING”) !!

So it MUST BE SUPPORTED in “HIS” I mean (PERSONAL) athletic gesture! That is done ad HOC !! (As I always say from “TAILOR”that is done on the PERSON!) to GET THE “TOP” that is the MAXIMUM from HIM !! AND I MUST GIVE THE MAXIMUM AS A COACH. HOW IT IS GIVEN TO THE BOYS !!

PLACE THEREFORE, a “PARTIAL” SESSION OF TRAINING , with my Player !! Happy golf (SPORT) to ALL 😃

.Ps.How I would like to enlarge and say !! Until next time.

Coach Paolo De Ascentiis : www.pdagolf.it 

Ps. If you hear me “RAISE” the tone of the VOICE, it is not like someone says, or that “I PRETEND” or that I have a bad temper (hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂) but it is ONLY, because “I WANT” that my PLAYER, HAS “THE IMMEDIATE” PERCEPTION AND BODY FEELING OF WHERE IT FAILS !!

Greetings .




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